Josh Schertz

Web Development Portfolio

Here are some of the websites that I have designed and developed. Each of them is unique, with differing levels of work required for them. Some I built from scratch, others used a web framework (Flask, Jekyll), and others were designed in SquareSpace.

grokSpace homepage

grokSpace: Custom built Python application using Flask for the framework, Postgres as the database, and hosting it in a Kubernetes cluster on GCP

Companion Keepers cat sitting homepage

Companion Keepers: Semi-custom design in SquareSpace

Artist Jazide Rosales homepage

Jazide Rosales: Semi-custom design in SquareSpace

The Investment Society at UTSA homepage

The Investment Society: Originally designed on Wordpress, but rebuilt in SquareSpace

Panoply Images homepage

Panoply Images: Completely custom application using only Python, JS, HTML and CSS, and hosted on AWS