Josh Schertz


Me backpacking in Austria

Hey, I'm Josh!

I'm an autodidactic programmer, roboticist, web developer and computer guru. I am passionate about technology and the universe around us.

Currently, I'm a student of the Space Resources program at the Colorado School of Mines, focusing on the commercialization of space. My research has covered spacecraft swarms, and the business potential of an application to provide consolidated data on asteroids.

Previously, I cofounded Sayv, an algorithmic trading firm that focused on stock and option arbitrage strategies. We built a custom trading system in Python that allowed us to quickly iterate through strategies. You can view the database system we used here.

My background is in finance and accounting, but I don't let that determine what I can and can not do. A degree is no substitute for grit and self motivation. I make my own future.

Check out my resume.