Josh Schertz

Robotics Nanodegree Project 1 - Rover Search and Sample Return

Rover search and sample return autonomous run completion

I have just completed my first project of the Udacity Robotics Nanodegree, and it was an enjoyable challenge. I have never had the opportunity to use and program so many mathematical concept into a single project before. I love how robotics combines the skills from so many areas into a single field.

This project was built around the NASA sample return challenge, where the goal was to navigate and find all yellow rock samples within the environment, returning back to the starting position once all samples were collected. I had to build the perception and decision logic for a simulated rover.

Go checkout the code and write up I built in this repository. Feel free to download the simulator, code and dependencies, and try your hand at improving the system!

As I wrote at the bottom of the write up, there are many areas that can be improved on. I know that I'll be able to implement most of these improvements once I have more experience with robotics. Improving my computer vision skills will be extremely useful, as this project relies exclusively on a camera feed. Also, I know that learning about path finding algorithms will be helpful for providing smoother environment navigation.

I will try to revisit this project as I learn more skills. It'll be a good test bed for experimenting with new ideas.