Josh Schertz


Hello internet! I am writing this more as an blogger icebreaker than anything else. I know no one will read this, but that is okay. I have many technical blog posts that I would like to write, but something is holding me back. Maybe I am just convincing myself that I am too busy, but I know that can't be the case.

Anyway, I want to write that I absolutely love what I am doing right now. The freedom to work on my own projects is truly liberating. I have never had the ability to spend all of my waking hours on my own problems before. And when I say all my waking hours, I am not exaggerating. I believe most other people would call it being a workaholic, but I call it doing what I love. It isn't fun by any means, as hard, challenging work usually isn't fun. But this type of work is extremely rewarding and enjoyable. The be all, end all is that I love doing what I enjoy; and I enjoy solving large problems via programming and web development work.

As I am doing tonight, I would rather continue working than go out for a night of drinking, partying and other shenanigans. Having just read this Medium article talking about the fact that over 660 million people are living their lives without clean drinking water, I am reminded once again that there is more to do, more to give. This isn't about me, it is about what I can do to help my fellow human. To share the mentality of life being greater than oneself. To give more than you consume.